Wool Shawl

Wool Shawl




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Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Golden Lands'Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Golden Lands'

$77.95 USD Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Golden Lands'

A golden ray of sun warms Peruvian lands inspiring the elegant design of this shawl. From Sillpa, the shawl is woven on a traditional Peruvian loom from alpaca wool and silk.

Wool Shawl 'Orchid Whisper'Wool Shawl 'Orchid Whisper'

$49.95 USD Wool Shawl 'Orchid Whisper'

Delicate as a whisper, pale rose caresses floral motifs in lilac and baby blue. Hand-knotted fringe edges this enchanting shawl by Sandeep Malhotra. He works on a traditional loom, re-creating the intricate jamewar patterns that were once created with laborious needlework.

Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Spiced Burgundy'Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Spiced Burgundy'

$89.95 USD Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Spiced Burgundy'

Spiced with crimson, deep burgundy envelops stripes of palest pink. Designing for their Sillpa line, Raquel and Gregor create a handsome shawl with luxurious fringe. Natural silk and fine baby alpaca wool combine on the Andean handloom for this lovely wrap. Baby alpaca refers to the fleece from the ...

Wool Shawl 'Open Window'Wool Shawl 'Open Window'

$57.95 USD Wool Shawl 'Open Window'

Floral motifs center this lavish design while open windows adorn each end. Sandeep Malhotra weaves a spell of beauty in this beautiful handloomed wrap. The shawl is crafted of soft virgin wool.

Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Rose Petal'Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Rose Petal'

$117.95 USD Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool And Silk Shawl 'Rose Petal'

Whispering soft elegance, this brown shawl is like a rose unfurling its petals. From Manuela Ramos Movement, the shawl is crocheted by hand with a luxurious baby alpaca wool and silk blend. It features a long fringe around its borders, enhancing the florid illusion. Baby alpaca wool refers to the ...

Wool Shawl 'Autumn Mischief'Wool Shawl 'Autumn Mischief'

$54.99 USD Wool Shawl 'Autumn Mischief'

A breeze of autumnal colors brings warmth and elegance to this hand-loomed wool shawl. Designed by India's Sandeep Malhotra, the abstract patterns acquire different hues on either side. Orange, brown and coral are predominant on one side; red, gray and black on the other.

Wool Shawl 'Blushing Rose'Wool Shawl 'Blushing Rose'

$97.95 USD Wool Shawl 'Blushing Rose'

Blooming on handloomed wool, delicate blossoms border a soft rose shawl. Syed Firoz selects finely wrought hand embroidery to embellish this cheerful wrap.

Wool Shawl 'Ruby Salmon'Wool Shawl 'Ruby Salmon'

$174.95 USD Wool Shawl 'Ruby Salmon'

This shawl by India's Syed Izaz Hussein is a woolen treasure in rich ruby red. Flowers and paisley leaves travel on sinuous vines the color of salmon and gold. They are revealed through the magnificence of aari embroidery, which is executed by hand with a hook needle.

Wool Shawl 'Maple Rose'Wool Shawl 'Maple Rose'

$122.95 USD Wool Shawl 'Maple Rose'

Delicate embroidery defines maple leaves on a pale rose background. Transforming hand-loomed wool into fashion, Syed designs and creates this elegant shawl.

Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Gentle Fawn'Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Gentle Fawn'

$44.95 USD Wool Shawl - Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Gentle Fawn'

Weaving a blend of luxurious alpaca wool, Isidoro C'cahuantico creates stripes with diagonal textures. Ivory, fawn and brown flow together in wide bands of color and the shawl ends in fringe.

Wool Shawl

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