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Pashminas For Cashmere Pashminas

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Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Lavish Night'Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Lavish Night'

$422.99 USD Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Lavish Night'

Crimson and lilac combine in ornate mosaics featuring traditional paisley patterns. The talented Sumiya designs the spectacular choreography of colors and shapes. She executes the composition by hand in the tradition of aari embroidery, expertly detailing each motif with lavish elegance.

Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Sunny Smile'Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Sunny Smile'

$102.95 USD Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Sunny Smile'

Bright as the sun's warm rays, this shawl is designed to accessorize with warm elegance. Presented by Syed Firoz of India, it is woven of fine wool on a traditional loom featuring colorful embroidered patterns.

Pashminas - Pashmina Shawl 'Delicately Yours'Pashminas - Pashmina Shawl 'Delicately Yours'

$132.95 USD Pashminas - Pashmina Shawl 'Delicately Yours'

Soft as a whisper, a luxurious blend of pashmina and silk envelops the wearer in a cloud of beauty. Painstakingly woven by hand, this exquisite shawl from Syed Izaz Hussein goes everywhere from day to evening. Warm yet lightweight, this versatile fashion accessory is delicately edged in fringe. A ...


10.80 GBP Pashminas - ORGANIC PASHMINA

Soft, versatile fringed pashmina shawl in pure organic cotton, available in two colours. 100% organic cotton.

Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Colorful Luxuries'Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Colorful Luxuries'

$57.95 USD Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Colorful Luxuries'

Imtiyaz showers this shawl with a feast of colors as flowers blossom alongside paisley leaves. The composition is silkscreen printed on a luscious shawl that is woven of silk and wool on a traditional loom.

Pashminas - Wool Scarf 'Magical Maroon'Pashminas - Wool Scarf 'Magical Maroon'

$42.95 USD Pashminas - Wool Scarf 'Magical Maroon'

Maroon casts a spell of luxurious elegance in a hand-woven wool scarf by Sajad. He works on a traditional Kashmiri loom, finishing the flirty fringe by hand.

Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'First Love'Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'First Love'

$49.95 USD Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'First Love'

First love is shy, yet exhilarating, its sensations conveyed in the style of priceless jamewar shawls. The original textiles were embroidered by hand. So intricate was the work that a person could finish only one shawl in his lifetime. Sandeep Malhotra works on the handloom to create this ...

Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Pale Peacock'Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Pale Peacock'

$49.95 USD Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Pale Peacock'

Floral motifs in rose, blue and ivory adorn this delightful shawl. Masterfully handloomed of virgin wool, the reversible wrap comes from Sandeep Malhotra.

Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Summer Elegance'Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Summer Elegance'

$87.95 USD Pashminas - Silk And Wool Shawl 'Summer Elegance'

Weavers from Rehwa create the ideal shawl for summer elegance featuring a bright green band over a cream background. They work on a traditional handloom with a rich silk and wool blend.

Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Peaches And Cream'Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Peaches And Cream'

$159.95 USD Pashminas - Wool Shawl 'Peaches And Cream'

Floral motifs and paisley in peach and pink cover a lightweight ivory shawl. Syed Firoz designs the lovely wrap and covers it with traditional aari embroidery, similar to chain stitch.


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