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Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Kids Dexter SunglassesSunglasses - UrbanSpecs Kids Dexter Sunglasses

$14.39 USD Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Kids Dexter Sunglasses

Dexter Kids are designed to provide superb comfort & PROTECTION FOR YOUR CHILD'S SENSITIVE EYES. The durable LIGHTWEIGHT metal frames are sized for children 7-12. Guarding against the harmful rays of the sun the lenses always ensure 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Frame: Shiny Pink Lens: Pink

Sunglasses - Prada SPR52G SunglassesSunglasses - Prada SPR52G Sunglasses

$287.99 USD Sunglasses - Prada SPR52G Sunglasses

Prada sunglasses internationally-renown for their elegant quality designs continue to set trends w/their beautiful sunglasses line. Made exclusively in Italy each fashionable frame provides unprecedented comfort & durability & each lens ensures 100% UV protection. Size: 64-14-125 mmFrame: Silver w/ ...

Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Boutique Luxor SunglassesSunglasses - UrbanSpecs Boutique Luxor Sunglasses

$23.99 USD Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Boutique Luxor Sunglasses

UrbanSpecs sunglasses Luxor are stylish and affordable! These glasses feature a unique flower pattern on metal hinges. All UrbanSpecs lenses offer 100% UV protection.Frame: Gunmetal Lens: Grey

Sunglasses - D G DD6010 SunglassesSunglasses - D G DD6010 Sunglasses

$155.99 USD Sunglasses - D G DD6010 Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses: This collection has a style that borrows from the old and the new designs. The DD 6010 is a classic metal frame with plastic temples which featuring the D & G logo. All D & G lenses are LIGHTWEIGHT SCRATCH/IMPACT-RESISTANT & ensure 100% UV PROTECTION. Made in Italy. 59-16-125 ...

Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving 36 Bugatti SunglassesSunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving 36 Bugatti Sunglasses

$23.99 USD Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving 36 Bugatti Sunglasses

Designed specifically for DRIVING the '36 Bugatti is designed with comfortable LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE metal frames perfect for driving. The lenses are equipped with a blue-back flash inside & provide maximum protection against harmful UV rays. Frame: Silver Lens: Driving

Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving Mr Chauncey SunglassesSunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving Mr Chauncey Sunglasses

$23.99 USD Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Driving Mr Chauncey Sunglasses

Designed specifically for DRIVING the Driving Mr Chauncey is designed with a comfortable LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE plastic frame perfect for driving. The lenses have a blue-back driving flash mirror & provide 100% UV PROTECTION to allow superb optical clarity on the road! Frame: Metallic Grey Lens: Driving

Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Classics Kimberly SunglassesSunglasses - UrbanSpecs Classics Kimberly Sunglasses

$17.99 USD Sunglasses - UrbanSpecs Classics Kimberly Sunglasses

UrbanSpec's Kimberly sunglasses are designed with an stylish plastic frame that is both comfortable and durable. Oversized modern lenses provide maximum ultraviolet protection.Frame: Green Lens: Green Gradient

Sunglasses - Chanel 4144 SunglassesSunglasses - Chanel 4144 Sunglasses

$443.99 USD Sunglasses - Chanel 4144 Sunglasses

Chanel sunglasses are the very embodiment of elegance & glamour. The 4114 is a classy metal frame with plastic temples and a shield lens featuring a unique twist on the classic Chanel interlocking C logo at the temples. Each pair comes w/a Chanel cleaning cloth hard case & certificate of authenticity. ...

Sunglasses - Spy Optics Cloverdale SunglassesSunglasses - Spy Optics Cloverdale Sunglasses

$149.99 USD Sunglasses - Spy Optics Cloverdale Sunglasses

Spy Optics sunglasses Cloverdale are composed of durable nickel silver alloy frames and a combination of CR-39 and ARC prismatic polycarbonate plastic lenses. The result: an impact-resistant scratch-resistant and lightweight lens that ensures 100% UV protection. All Spy Optics sunglasses are ...

Sunglasses - Costa Del Mar TP2 SunglassesSunglasses - Costa Del Mar TP2 Sunglasses

$221.99 USD Sunglasses - Costa Del Mar TP2 Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are specifically engineered for FISHING BOATING & other WATER SPORTS: the TP2 is designed with a NYLON frame and RX-able WATER-REPELLENT POLARIZED lenses that eliminate water surface glare & ensure superb optical clarity. Wave 580 lenses REDUCE COLOR DISTORTION & yellow light. ...



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