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Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Flower Fest'Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Flower Fest'

$214.95 USD Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Flower Fest'

A florid feast of colors celebrates Kashmir's textile arts in an exclusive design by Sumiya. The wool shawl is woven by hand and hosts an embroidered border performed with a rounded needle in legendary aari style.

Shawls - Cotton Shawl 'Spring Frangipani'Shawls - Cotton Shawl 'Spring Frangipani'

$69.99 USD Shawls - Cotton Shawl 'Spring Frangipani'

Cascading frangipani color this shawl with the bright colors of a spring morning. Thailand's Thanyarat Sananpanich designs the silk-screen patterns that adorn the cotton shawl.

Shawls And ScarvesShawls And Scarves

Was: $19.95  Now: $14.96 (Save: $4.99) USD Shawls And Scarves

This book is in New - Excellent condition

Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Atikpui'Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Atikpui'

$119.95 USD Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Atikpui'

Shimmering strands of yellow rayon are skillfully worked across green and black threads in this superlative kente cloth shawl. An extremely intricate double weave, its pattern is created primarily on the weft, or horizontal threads of the loom. Great care must be taken so that the blocks of color ...

Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Danye Gbator'Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Danye Gbator'

$124.95 USD Shawls - Kente Cloth Scarf 'Danye Gbator'

This vibrant, versatile textile is an outstanding example of kente cloth art. Crafted in brilliant colors by the Gobah Tengey-Seddoh Family, its name means "mother" (danye) "first" (gbator) in homage to the artisan's mother. The design originated in the seventeenth century, when bright colors came ...

Shawls - Shawl Collar Wool CoatShawls - Shawl Collar Wool Coat

$142.00 USD Shawls - Shawl Collar Wool Coat

Walk your way into winter! Wool walking length coat features a sleek polyester shawl collar with drawstring, one snap closing with hidden fly, front buttons, and poly trimmed flap/patch pockets. Style # 38147.

Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Always Charming'Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Always Charming'

$117.95 USD Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Always Charming'

Lavish garlands in perfect symmetry border a deep blue shawl. Woven by hand, the wrap is embellished with aari embroidery, similar to chain stitching. Syed Izaz Hussein adds beads and sequins to this charming design.

Shawls - 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Celestial Blue'Shawls - 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Celestial Blue'

$82.95 USD Shawls - 100% Alpaca Wool Shawl 'Celestial Blue'

Blue as the sky, enchanting textures distinguish this shawl by Jorge Priori. Working in luxurious alpaca wool, he weaves a delightful wrap and finishes the ends with hand-knotted fringe. Renowned for its thermal qualities, alpaca is lightweight yet it possesses an incredible capacity for heat ...

Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Valley Of The Flowers'Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Valley Of The Flowers'

$99.00 USD Shawls - Wool Shawl 'Valley Of The Flowers'

Woven by hand, this enchanting shawl is reversible. Syed Firoz depicts a valley filled with wildflowers in an intricate and beautiful pattern. He works in virgin wool on a traditional handloom.

Shawls - Silk Batik Shawl 'Seventh Heaven'Shawls - Silk Batik Shawl 'Seventh Heaven'

$124.95 USD Shawls - Silk Batik Shawl 'Seventh Heaven'

Soft pastel colors make this a very feminine fashion accessory from Melati's Collection. Working in batik, Melati creates delightful floral motifs and graceful ferns on a fringed silk shawl. Melati presents this shawl inside a quality, custom-made suede box.



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