100% Pashmina
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100% Pashmina




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100% Pashmina - 2 PACK 100% WOOL PASHMINA SHAWLS100% Pashmina - 2 PACK 100% WOOL PASHMINA SHAWLS

$69.99 CAD 100% Pashmina - 2 PACK 100% WOOL PASHMINA SHAWLS


100% Pashmina - 100% Wool 'Paisley Waltz'100% Pashmina - 100% Wool 'Paisley Waltz'

$54.99 USD 100% Pashmina - 100% Wool 'Paisley Waltz'

Teal blue hosts a flurry of paisley and flowers dancing under the guide of larger paisleys. On the underside, it is black hosting the elegant choreography designed by India's Sandeep Malhotra. The wool reversible shawl is woven by hand on a traditional loom.

100% Pashmina

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